What is the difference between a Custom Package and a ‘Re-Sing’?

A custom package is a ‘made to order’ package that will be unique to your station. As well as being custom made to your specifications it cannot be syndicated to any station in your TSA for the duration of your licence period.

If you like an existing package or choose to use our Jinglestore system, you can opt for a ‘Re-Sing’.  Your lyrics – usually a strap line and/or frequency and station name – are re-sung using our professional vocalists, then mixed and mastered so the cuts sound tailor made for your station.

What is a ‘cut’?

Each package consists of several cuts, usually in styles and genres that are sympathetic to your playlist. For instance you could order a package that includes a ‘Classic Rock’ cut, an ’80s Synth Pop’ cut, a ‘Smooth Soul’ cut and so on.

Will we receive different versions of each cut?

We provide several different versions of each cut to give you as many options as possible for your on-air sound. Usually short, medium, long and shotgun versions are included with each cut ordered. Please note we do not provide the stand-a-lone vocal (a capella) mix.

Whats the turnaround time for Jinglestore orders, and is there an alternative payment method other than Paypal?

We aim to have your finished tracks uploaded wihin 10 working days from receipt of cleared funds.

Yes by bank transfer.  Please contact us and we can email an invoice with our bank details.  please note pre-payment in full still applies.

Who owns the music?

All the musical compositions and recordings on this site are owned by Tim James Music Ltd  and licensed to you for a set period of time.

How long can I use the jingles?

A jingle package is usually licensed for broadcast for a period of 1-3 years.  A 2-year licence is included with all Jinglestore purchases.  You can renew your licence for 50% of the original cost if you wish to keep the package on air once the original licence has expired.

Can we use your jingles on our Hospital/Community/Internet radio stations?

Absolutely!  We know how important it is to get your on-air imaging sounding amazing, but without the price tag that pushes it out of reach.  That’s why we devised Jinglestore,  to offer highly produced jingles at a fraction of the usual cost.

I have a question that is not in your list.

Please feel free to contact us .