The Dan Tennick Show

An epic package ordered for The Dan Tennick Show,  an online variety and entertainment show.

“We wanted a brand new, hotter sound for our Show, so it was a no brainer to approach Tim at Bespoke Music for our new jingle package. The Dan Tennick Show is all about fun and keeping up with the times, so we wanted a new more hip and upbeat jingle ID package to blend in with our new imaging to really boost our output.

It is exactly what we wanted and needed! A nice upbeat package with hard, beefy and dynamic vocals for a show that is always on the edge!”

 Dan Tennick – Host & Executive Producer.

 If you wish to order one of these tracks just click on the track name.

Frisky DiscoMediumShortLongShotgun
Hunky DoryMediumShortLongShotgun
In The PocketMediumShortLongShotgun
Jammy DodgerMediumShortLongShotgun
Killer CutMediumShortLongShotgun
Mr BigMediumShortLongShotgun
Push ItMediumShortLongShotgun
Shift ItMediumShortLongShotgun
Shooting StarMediumShortLongShotgun
Sizzle KickMediumShortLongShotgun
We Did ItMediumShortLongShotgun